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Dobbs Ferry Class of 1981 Reunion Website


On this rainy spring day, we've taken the time to spruce this place up a bit.
We have added some new pictures, captions and stories that may be of interest to you all. Although the years seem to come and go, our memories, thoughts and friendships can last a life time.
We hope you are doing well and appreciate the visit. Please, keep in touch, drop a line, share a note or tell us something new!

Need to locate a former classmate?
Click on the link below to download this Excel spreadsheet.
This information might help you.

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Gregg Rosenberg, Donna LoPinto
Shari Hanofee, Keri Belloise

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The Journal News Newspaper recently printed a multi-page story entitiled "A Day In The Life" featuring Dobbs Ferry, New York.
For your convenience, we have added the link to their website so you can view the accomplishment and history behind our village.
Click on the link below.....

Who was Henry Hudson anyway? Click here!

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Visit Print This!

God Bless America!

We're proud to be an American!
These are truly troubled times. It's much different than when we were younger and perhaps a bit carefree. Our lives and the lives of our families have been changed forever.
Several of our classmates now live in different countries. In fact, some of you have just recently moved abroad. These people are really brave souls!
What ever part of the world you reside, we hope you are all healthy, happy and living your dreams.
Life is too short... Keep in touch with each other.

It's About Time!
Yes folks, we've finally got the reunion dinner and barbeque pictures back on the website! It's a bit rough but you should be able to navigate through them all. Please, be patient as the photos will take a while to load depending on your Internet connection speed.
We hope you enjoy these. If you have any more to add, please send them to us via email. Click the link below.

Reunion Dinner & Barbeque Pictures

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We've been searching the Internet to find news stories worth reporting to you. Take a break and spend a few minutes to read about it all. To read the news, click on the link shown below.
If you have articles of interest, please email them to us.

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If you would like to update and share your mailing address, email or phone number with our classmates, please send an email to: DFNY2001@AOL.COM 

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Visit our message boards today!

Please, visit the message boards and share some of your thoughts or comments with us! We all need to keep in touch and help keep the conversations going!

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We thought it would be appropriate to bring some Dobbs Ferry pictures into the website so you can feel right at home. Click on the link above to see them.
Note: Pictures may load slowly depending on your connection speed.

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