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Dobbs Ferry Class of 1981 Reunion Website
Trivia Questions

Here's the official trivia questions and answers.
Thanks to everyone for their support. Enjoy!

DFHS Class of 1981 Trivia Questions

Questions with Answers.

1. Who was voted Best Student in the Senior Class Pole?
Mark Neustadt and Liz Kan

2. Who was mistaken for the superintendent's daughter her first day in DFHS? Shari Steinman

3. Who was the girls tennis coach?
Coach Pete McHugh

4. Who were the school nurses?
Sue Burke and Evelyn O'Brien

5. What was the theme of our graduating year book?
Winnie the Pooh

6. What was the name of the local movie theater?
The Pickwick

7. Who dressed up as a field hockey player for Halloween?
Joe Rooney

8.Where was Bill Rahman from?
Malta, but his family lived in England.

9. Who had perfect (or near perfect) attendance through all 4 years? Natalie Stagliano

10.Who were the lunchroom ladies?
Mrs. Henshaw, Mrs. Carelli, Mrs. Sheridan, Mrs. Brennan

11. Which teacher drove a Datsun 280Z?
Ed Krzos

12. Which teacher accused students of having "diarrhea of the mouth"? Ms. McCall

13. Which teacher was a model?
Ms. McCall (Plus-sized model)

14. What was Mrs. Chamberlain's pet name for her classes?

15. What was Mrs. Chamberlain's punishment for disruptive students? A squirt of smelly perfume.

16. What was Mrs. Chamberlain's favorite type of music?

17. Who was Crazy A?
Mr. Andrzejewski

18. Where were the pay phones?
Two near the music room on 2nd floor. One outside the lunchroom, but not totally sure.

19. Which teacher was an actor, appearing in commercials for Kodak, among others? Coach Kohl

20. Who sang the National Anthem at graduation?
Joe Rooney and Donna LoPinto

21. What were the decorations on the Christmas tree in the HS lobby? Blue and White satin ornaments, each with a student's initials on it in glitter.

22. Who's name was skipped when we were called up to accept our diplomas? Cathy Mers

23. Who was the Social Studies teacher that played the trumpet? Mr. Haffner

24. Who gave "the finger" in the picture of us standing in front of the HS (yearbook)? Pete DeFillipis

25. Who hosted the Sr. Halloween party?
Pam Dumich

26. Where was the prom held?
The Biltmore Hotel - NYC

27. Who were our "Guidance Counselors"?
Mr. Passman and Mr. DeMaio

28. Who was Dean of Students?
Mary Mullen

29. Who was the detention monitor?
Mrs. Rose Gemma

30. What was the football team's record for the 1980 season?
9-0-1 (We think)

31. Who was the hall monitor?
Mrs. Marian Smith

32.Who was the Driver's Education instructor?
Morg - Mr. Morgenstern

33.Who's nickname was Scuba?
Catie Cadge

34.Who gave them that nickname?
Chris Costello

35. What was the play the year we graduated?

36. Besides Bohemian Rhapsody, name a Queen song performed by the Chorus? Somebody To Love

37. Who was Zelda?
Zelda was (is) Mark Neustadt's mother's name. Joe Bernardo FIXATED on the name and often found ways to work the name into whatever it was he was saying!

38. Who played Varsity Field Hockey 4 straight years?
Bess Graham

39. What was the name of the pizzeria on Cedar Street?
Pizza Treat

40. What was the name of the restaurant on the corner of Cedar and Main Streets? Charcoal Corner

41. What was the name of the Chevy dealer at the intersection of Broadway & Ashford? Blasberg Motors

42. Where was the gymnasium in the OLD Middle School?
In the basement

43. Where was the gymnasium in the NEW Middle School?
Between the HS Gym and the HS Chemistry classrooms/labs and the MS Science classrooms/labs.

44. What was the name of the soccer coach?

45. Who scratched his head with the point-end of a pencil while lecturing the class? Mr. Wood

46. Who was the "poster child" for "The Wet Head is Dead"?
Mr. Mallin, He always (still) slicks back his hair with some type of pomade.

47. Who preceded every question in Geometry class with "MISSSTER MARKOWITZ"? Ben Charney

48. Who was the dean before Miss Mullen?
Mr O'Mahoney

49. Who answered most questions with the "Because God decreed that...."? Mr. Markowitz

50. What teacher was bald in HS, but had a full head of hair by the time we graduated? Mr. Lebow

51. What teacher was known as "Ace"?
Mr. Markowitz

52. Who were the 3 kindergarten teachers at Springhurst?
Miss Stickt, Miss Dillon, Mrs Quartucio

53. Who was the principal of Springhurst?
Mr. Loren Evory/Mrs. McNamara

54.Which student did the announcements in 4th grade at Springhurst? Rich Fay

55. Two women: 1 at Springhurst and 1 at DFMS had the same last name. Who were they and what were their positions?
Mrs. Wolf (attendance/lunch monitor) and Mrs. Wolff (Art teacher)

56. Who was the school nurse at Springhurst?
Mrs. DeLuca

57. What class was always M&M's at the Springhurst Halloween parade? Miss Pearce's class

58. Which teacher at DFMS was allergic to soap?
Miss Morrisey

59. Which teacher at DFMS could not look you in the eye directly? Mr. Nickerson

60. Who was called "cyclops", and why was he called that?
Mr. Luther He almost lost an eye

61. Who was the superintendent before Dr. Gerson?
Mr. Robert Andriotti

62. Which teacher had smile faces on her shoes? What did she teach? Mrs. Joseph (Science)

63. Who was the shop teacher before Morg?
Mr. Hildenbrand

64. Who was the principal at DFMS? What was he famous for wearing? Mr. Chope (Bow Tie)

65. Name the two gym teachers in the old Middle School.
Miss Sal and Coach Kohl

66. Two teachers in the Middle School dated. Name them.
Miss Albero and Coach Marinelli

67. Who pulled up on a flat bed truck, and was "unplugged" by Mr. Ruck? Joe Rooney and his band

68. What feature film premiered in the auditorium before it's theatrical debut? Rocky

68A - Who brought the film to Dobbs Ferry High School?
Mr. McHugh

69. What movie did Jack Holly show to his grade 12 Speech&Communication class in 1981?
Rocky Horror Picture Show

70.Who coined the phrase "Eat Rice"?
Chris Costello

71. Which teacher would blow her nose during class & show the contents to the class? Miss Hallisy

72. Which teacher did a 3 month unit on Mao Tse-Tung and Confucius? Mr. Benezra

73. Which upperclassmen launched a boat in the DFMS parking lot in 1977? Arnie Russo and John Barber

74. Which classmate went to all 4 proms?
Suzanne Gardner

75. What ever happened to:
Pam Grande? Jimmy Ghisalbert? Monique Honeywell? Chris Bargout? Sue Cato? Joel Molinari? Stuart Lawrence? Daphne Calfon? Helen Kim? Sorry, We have no idea......

If you disagree with these answers... Just smile!