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Dobbs Ferry Class of 1981 Reunion Website
Senior Class Poll

You've probably been wondering about this so, here it is!

We dug up the old yearbook and dusted it off to find out who was the cream of the crop way back in 1981.

Exactly, what were we thinking about back then???

Most Likely To Succeed:
Jeff Kassman and Elizabeth Kan

Best All Around:
Mark Koide and Lisa Del Monte

Best Student:
Mark Neustadt and Elizabeth Kan

Most Popular:
Jeff Kassman and Sue Gardner

Best Athlete:
Aaron Lessing and Bess Graham

Good Sportsmanship:
Aaron Lessing and Judy O'Brien

Class Couple:
Chris Costello and Donna LoPinto

Best Looking:
Todd Youmans and Ann Golio

Best Dressed:
Phil Cialini and Pam Dumich

Best Body:
Teddy Molinari and Ann Golio

Best Smile:
Teddy Molinari and Sue Gardner

Todd Youmans and Lynn Hunter

Most Outgoing:
Joe Rooney and Theanne Chivily

Jeff Duarte and Theanne Chivily

Most Humorous:
Phil Cialini and Judy Miller

Class Clown:
Joe Bugliarelli and Judy Miller

Most Artistic:
Koly Marshall and Laura Coapman

Most Musically Inclined:
Joe Rooney and Elizabeth Kan

Most Theatrically Inclined:
Adam Sweeting and Audrey Kaufman

Most Mechanically Inclined:
Jeff Duarte and Judy Gurian

B.S. King & Queen:
Joe Bugliarelli and Judy Miller

Teacher's Pet:
Jeff Kassman and Lynn Hunter

Most American:
Tim Barton* and Lynn Hunter* *Unofficial Release

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